Sun Ovens

I try to avoid using my indoor oven and stove as much as possible during the summer because it makes my house way too hot. The outdoor grill is great for hamburgers and hot dogs, but what happens when you want to cook something that really requires an oven? A Sun Oven might be a good solution.

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A Sun Oven is basically a box with a solar reflector attached that uses the heat from the sun to heat up the box. Anything you put inside that box, or oven, will then cook. It’s actually pretty awesome. Here’s a list of pros and cons associated with the Sun Oven:

  • Can be used all year
  • Does not use any fuel
  • Food can be baked, boiled, and steamed at cooking temperatures of 360° F to 400° F.
  • There is no movement of air in a Sun Oven, allowing food to stay moist and tender.
  • Really easy cleanup!
  • Can only be used in full sun (partly cloudy and cloudy days won’t work).
  • The oven needs to be moved to stay in alignment with the sun, about every 15 minutes.
  • The space inside the oven is smaller than your household oven.
  • Price point is $200-$300 for a good sun oven.

I have used my sun oven to make bread, cookies, cake, and brownies. There is a pretty steep learning curve but don’t let that scare you. Take your time and learn how to use it. You’ll be glad you did. (The next time the lights go out, you’ll be making cookies!)

There are several different brands and they all claim to be the best. Do some research and find the one that meets your needs. Here are a couple of videos that explain how to use these ovens. I cannot stress enough how important it is to watch and learn something about how these work. And then, practice!

From Honeyville Grain, 13 ways sunlight saves you money while being prepared!

From Sun Oven: Basics of Cooking With the Sun class.

Global Sun Oven overview from the Self-Reliance Guy.

What have you used your oven to make? Tips?

I am not affiliated with any of the companies or products.